A pre-delivery survey aims to recognise any non-conformities to minimise ongoing warranty issues and maximise owner satisfaction


A pre-delivery inspection provides the owner with a professional assessment of the build before final acceptance, we will verify that the vessel is completed to the agreed specification and that works have been finished to the expected standard. 

All onboard systems will be tested and the interior and exterior assessed for any cosmetic defects which can be remedied prior to delivery to minimise potential warranty issues. A full sea trial is always recommended so that all systems can be tested when underway and speeds and manoeuvrability can be witnessed and tested against the specification and projected outputs. A final report will be presented to the client (and the shipyard if required) outlining items which require attention before final acceptance.

In addition to the above the owner can also benefit from varying expertise within the Oceanskies group including registration assistance, crew employment and mini-ISM support. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation proposal for any pre-delivery or milestone survey services. 


We are able to provide a comprehensive on-going or single visit major milestone inspection service providing a progress report on a vessel build in comparison to the scheduled milestone(s) and specification. 

On-site inspections at milestones provides the client with ongoing unbiased progress reports on the build. Through periodic attendances we are able to check all mechanical and electrical installations to ensure they are correctly located and installed.

We are able to provide a bespoke quote on application based on the shipyard location and size of the project. 



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