Yacht Surveying

A new, modern and dynamic approach to surveying


There are many reasons why a vessel may require a survey and we’re able to provide a bespoke service specific to a customer’s needs. We are able to carry out and organise a variety of marine surveys worldwide providing an unparalleled level of service at a transparent cost.

We are experienced and professionally trained to locate issues which a typical boat owner may oversee. Through proven practices we will methodically inspect a vessel resulting in a comprehensive written  report outlining our visual and scientific findings. Our reports are always unbiased, providing factual evidence supported with photographic images and constructive conclusions.

A survey report can be invaluable whether you are an individual intending to purchase a vessel, an insurance broker tasked with providing a bespoke policy or a bank providing a financing service.

If it is decided to not have a survey conducted then you may find at a later date serious issues which could prove costly and also risk the safety of yourself and other individuals onboard. The overall purpose of the majority of surveys is to receive an assessment on whether the vessel is safe to use for its proposed activity and whether maintenance or repairs are required immediately or in the near future.

Similar to the majority of Oceanskies services we endeavour to be transparent, where most surveyors charge by length or on a case-by-case basis we have chosen when possible to offer a fixed-fee service meaning the client is not surprised with hidden costs outside of unavoidable expenses. 

The Surveyor

The profession of marine surveying is unregulated meaning there is no legal requirement in regard to the qualifications needed and expertise necessary to provide a marine surveying service.

Ryan Fallaize, the principal surveyor of Oceanskies is a recognised member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) and the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS). Ryan holds a Professional Diploma in Marine Surveying from North Kent College and Lloyds Maritime Academy.  Ryan has attended many training events and courses held by organisations like the Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association (YDSA) and the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors (SCMS). Most recently Ryan has completed an intensive practical survey training course at Fox's Marina & Boatyard in Ipswich lead by Surveyors of British Marine Surveyors Europe (BMSE). 

Ryan is also an approved tonnage surveyor enabling him to carry out tonnage measurement surveys on any under 24 meter vessels requiring registration at any of the red-ensign registries. 

Oceanskies (Survey) Limited is a Guernsey registered company and holds Professional Indemnity insurance covering to the amount of £250,000.

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