Isle of Man Yacht Registration - A Guide


The purpose of this guide to highlight the many advantages of the Isle of Man Register of Ships and to introduce the comprehensive range of Isle of Man yacht registration services that we provide.

About the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency located in the Irish Sea situated between England and Ireland.

About the Isle of Man Ship Registry

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is a Category 1 British Red Ensign Group member able to register vessels of unlimited type and size. It is the flag of choice for many large shipping corporations operating all vessel types to very exacting standards.

Port of Registry

There are four Isle of Man ports of registry, namely:

  • Castletown
  • Douglas
  • Peel
  • Ramsey
  • The Flag (‘Ensign’)

    Isle of Man registered vessels can fly either an undefaced red ensign or a red ensign defaced with the “triskelion” which is represents the ‘Three Legs of Man’ and is island’s national symbol.

    The Certificate of British Registry

    Upon completion of registration formalities an Isle of Man registered yacht is issued with a Certificate of British Registry.

    Eligibility – Yachts

    The Isle of Man will accept private pleasure yachts of any size and commercial yachts over 24 metres in loadline length that are based and operated anywhere in the world.

    Eligibility – Owners

    The Isle of Man Register of Ships is an international register meaning that the register is not just restricted to Isle of Man citizens or Isle of Man registered companies.

    In fact all British citizens and companies may register a yacht in the Isle of Man in their own name as well as citizens and companies from countries listed in the following table:

    European Union EEA British Overseas Territories Other Countries
    Austria Iceland Anguilla Australia
    Belgium Liechtenstein Bermuda Bahamas
    Bulgaria Norway British Antarctic Territory Canada
    Croatia British Indian Ocean Territory China
    Cyprus British Virgin Islands Hong Kong
    Czech Republic Caymans Islands Indian
    Denmark Falkland Islands Japan
    Estonia Gibraltar Liberia
    Finland Montserrat Marshall Islands
    France Pitcairn Islands Monaco
    Germany St Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha New Zealand
    Greece South Georgia Pakistan
    Hungary South Sandwich Islands Panama
    Ireland Sovereign base areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia Russia
    Italy Turks and Caicos Islands Singapore
    Latvia South Africa
    Lithuania South Korea
    Luxembourg Switzerland
    Malta United Arab Emirates
    Poland United States of America
    The Netherlands

    Summary of Features & Benefits of Yacht Registration in the Isle of Man

    • The Isle of Man is a neutral, politically stable and well-regarded jurisdiction that has been white-listed as a transparent and well-regulated offshore finance centre
    • Member of the coveted ‘Red Ensign Group’ of British ship registries and Isle of Man yacht registration enables the prestigious red ensign to be flown
    • Government funded, operated, backed and staffed ship registry
    • Neutral port of registry marked on the vessel holding the reputation of a quality register that is familiar to port and customs authorities around the world
    • High service levels driven by a customer first service ethos resulting in quick turnaround of applications
    • No priority or rush fees – all applications are dealt with on a timely basis
    • Wealth of experience – many yachts current on the register
    • Competitive registry fees
    • No insurance premium tax (6% in UK)
    • European time zone
    • Isle of Man registration is valid internationally and documentation issued in English so widely understood.
    • Isle of Man registered yachts do not have to ever physically visit the Isle of Man
    • The Isle of Man Register of Ships provides proof of title and enables the owner to register a mortgage on the vessel
    • Certificate of British Registry is valid for ten years and at the end of the five years the process for renewing the registration for a further five years is very easy<
    • Yachts over 24 metres in loadline length can be coded and operated as commercial charter yachts on the register
    • Entitlement to register includes a wide range of global citizens which can avoid the need for company formation for the majority of potential clients
    • Isle of Man registered yachts are entitled to diplomatic protection, British consular assistance and Royal Naval protection (dependent on availability of assets/& nature of the threat)

    Isle of Man Yacht Registration By Oceanskies

    Oceanskies provides a fixed fee yacht registration service to all yacht owners wishing to take advantage of the benefits of Isle of Man registration for their yacht.

    The registration service results in Oceanskies taking responsibility for the entire registration process on behalf of the owner.

    Our fees include all registry fees and disbursements providing the internationally recognised Isle of Man Certificate of British Registry and a lifetime radio licence allocating the vessel’s call sign and MMSI number.

    Crew Employment & Payroll for Isle of Man Registered Yachts

    Through Oceanskies Crew Limited we are able to provide crew payroll outsourcing services from for crew working onboard Isle of Man registered vessels.

    This service is a very popular ‘bolt on’ service for our clients as it simplifies the employment of the crew of their Isle of Man registered yacht.

    The yacht owner engages Oceanskies Crew Limited to employ and pay the crew of their vessel through a crew services agreement. As employers, Oceanskies Crew Limited issues the crew with contracts in line with the Marine Labour Convention guidelines, pays them, issues payslips, sea service testimonials etc.

    For further information please refer to the crew employment and payroll section of our website at the following link:

    Other Isle of Man Yacht Registration Services by Oceanskies

    Oceanskies are able to provide a range of stand alone fixed fee additional registration services including:

    • Provision of Isle of Man representative person facilities for yachts over 24 metres in loadline length;
    • Registration of new owner details in event of vessel transferring to a new owner qualified to maintain the Isle of Man registration;
    • Drafting of sale documents such as a Bill of Sale in the Isle of Man format and any supporting documentation required by the Buyer of the vessel;
    • Transfers of vessel registration to the Isle of Man from other British registries, (and vice versa);
    • Performance of tonnage surveys and issue of Certificates of Survey for Isle of Man registration on vessels under 24 metres in loadline length;
    • Effect change of vessel name;
    • Make amendments to registered particulars of vessel;
    • Manufacture and supply of tonnage plates displaying official number for Carving & Marking purposes;
    • Registration / discharge of marine mortgages;
    • Arrange deletion / cancellation of Isle of Man registration to provide a Closed Transcript of Registry (Deletion Certificate); and
    • Obtain Current Transcripts of Registry to provide at the time of issue a ‘snapshot’ of the register confirming:

      – Vessel dimensions and particulars such as the builder, length, breadth, tonnage, year of build and engine details;
      – Details of the current registered owner; and
      – Details of any mortgages or encumbrances such as a bank loan registered against the vessel.

    Please do not hesitate to contact for a free no obligation proposal for any of our Isle of Man yacht registration services or any general yacht registration query that you might have.

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