Isle of Man Aircraft Registration (M-)


The Isle of Man has established itself as an important one-stop shop for global aviation business, particularly with regard to the registration of private and corporate jets.

The Isle of Man aircraft registry was launched in May, 2007 and has helped drive this success with an approach based on its customer focus and its ‘safety with service’ ethos.

The safety standards that the register applies are on a par with the best of the world with the register accepting aircraft based on European (EASA), US (FAA) or Canadian (Transport Canada) certification standards.

About the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown Dependency located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland which is not part of the United Kingdom but forms part of the British Isles.

The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. The Lord of Mann is represented by a Lieutenant Governor but its foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the British Government whilst the island’s own parliament and government have competence over all domestic matters.

The Isle of Man holds neither membership nor associate membership of the European Union but for fiscal purposes is part of Europe for VAT and customs duty.

The Isle of Man is an established international finance centre, with a secure base built on political stability, low taxation and a firmly established fiscal and regulatory environment.

What are the principal markets for the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry?

The Registry principally serves the following markets:

What aircraft can be registered in the Isle of Man?

The following aircraft can be accepted onto the Isle of Man aircraft register:

1. Aircraft that are private and/or corporately operated business jets over 5,700 kgs maximum take off weight or twin turbine helicopters.

2. Aircraft with a maximum take off weight of between 2,730 kgs and 5,700 kgs whose registration might represent a considerable economic benefit to the Isle of Man.

3. Aircraft that are commercial airliners of any size which are parked or between leases.

4.  Aircraft that are light aircraft of any weight owned by Isle of Man residents.

The operation of any Isle of Man registered aircraft for commercial use is prohibited meaning that they are not allowed to conduct Public Transport and/or Commercial Air Transport and/or aerial work flights.

What is the eligibility criteria to gain access to the Isle of Man aircraft register?

The owner of an Isle of Man registered aircraft can be a person or company from any of the countries of the British Commonwealth, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

What are the aircraft registration markings for an Isle of Man registered aircraft?

The Isle of Man’s aircraft registration prefix nationality mark is ‘M’ followed by a hyphen and four characters, i.e. M-YJET, M-INTS, M-ANDY.

What features might encourage an owner to register their aircraft in the Isle of Man?

A combination of some, if not all, of the following features of the Isle of Man aircraft register may be attractive to owners and operators:

Isle of Man Aircraft Registration by Oceanskies 

Oceanskies  provides a complete Isle of Man aircraft registration service to all aircraft owners and operators wishing to take advantage of the benefits afforded by the Isle of Man aircraft registry.

The registration service results in Oceanskies taking responsibility for the entire registration process on behalf of the owner including:

  • Obtaining legal title / proof of ownership or evidence of charter or lease by demise
  • Obtaining if applicable Export C of A, (or valid EASA C of A and ARC in lieu)
  • Reservation of unique M- aircraft registration markings
  • Application to register aircraft
  • Application for Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Appointment of nominated airworthiness technical representative
  • Application for Flight Crew Licence Validation(s)
  • Assistance with Maintenance engineer validation application and approval (if applicable)
  • Assistance with Maintenance Programme Declaration
  • Application for Designated Airspace Approvals and Declaration of Compliance (if appropriate)
  • OFCOM account application and lifetime radio licence application
  • ELT registration
  • Pilot licence validations

As well as providing aircraft registration services we can provide Part NCC services to owners and operators including the provision a full set of bespoke manuals. Please click on the following link to learn more about our Part NCC services:

EASA Part-NCC Compliance – A Guide

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