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Guernsey Aircraft Registration (2-REG)

Guernsey 2-REG Aircraft Registration


Since its launch in December, 2013 the 2-REG Guernsey aircraft register has become one of the fastest growing aircraft registries in the world. At the time of celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2023 the registry had registered nearly one thousand aircraft and helicopters from light aircraft to the Airbus A380 in both private and commercial air transport categories.

As a Guernsey based aircraft registration and documentation consultancy, Oceanskies  is well placed to assist owners and operators with the registration of their aircraft on the 2-REG Guernsey aircraft registry.

We welcome enquiries from owners and operators of jet and turbine business and corporate aircraft as well as helicopters who may either wish to register their aircraft in Guernsey and operate under our certificate or, with assistance from Oceanskies, establish their own operating certificate.

We have written this guide to highlight why the 2-REG Guernsey aircraft registry has become such a popular choice for aircraft registration.

About Guernsey

The Island of Guernsey is part of the British Isles. Guernsey is located in the English Channel in the Bay of St Malo. The Island is an independent jurisdiction and is governed by its own ‘Parliament’, the States of Guernsey but is dependent on the British Crown for the administration of foreign affairs and defence. It has become an established international finance centre, with a secure base built on political stability, low taxation and a firmly established fiscal and regulatory environment.

The 2-REG Guernsey Aircraft Register

The 2-REG Guernsey aircraft registry is a British register administered with regulatory oversight provided by the island’s own Director of Civil Aviation (DCA).

Registration Markings

The registration prefix for a Guernsey registered aircraft is the number two followed by a dash and four alphabetical letters enabling aircraft owners to choose personalised markings such as 2-FREE, 2-SWIM and 2-DATE.

Eligibility – Ownership Criteria & Types of Aircraft

An owner from anywhere in the world can in theory register any private or corporate aircraft on the 2-REG Guernsey aircraft registry provided that the Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) is greater than 2,700KG or greater and is turbine powered, or any turbine powered helicopter and the aeroplane or helicopter is not amateur built, ex-military or vintage.

Summary of Features & Benefits of 2-REG Aircraft Registration in Guernsey

  • Guernsey is a neutral, politically stable and well-regarded jurisdiction that has been white-listed as a transparent and well-regulated offshore finance centre
  • Regulated by Guernsey’s own office of the Director of Civil Aviation (DCA)
  • Accepts regulatory systems from the major aviation jurisdictions (USA, EU, Canada)
  • Validation of pilot license based on host licence without further differentiation
  • Entitlement to register in terms of who may qualify to register an aircraft in their name as owner or lessee is international and not restricted.
  • Neutral aircraft registration marking, holding the reputation of a quality register that is now familiar to aviation and customs authorities around the world
  • The 2- marking followed by four alphabetical letters provides the opportunity to request personalised aircraft registrations.
  • Registration marks can be recycled on different aircraft
  • High service levels driven by a customer first service ethos resulting in quick turnaround of applications
  • No priority or rush fees – all applications are dealt with on a timely basis and with 24 hour support when necessary.
  • Wealth of experience – nearly one thousand aircraft now registered from light aircraft to the Airbus A380
  • 2-REG Guernsey registered aircraft can be operated for private pleasure use and for aerial work (for complex aircraft subject to the operator being granted a Private Operator’s Certificate (POC) by Guernsey’s DCA.
  • 2-REG Guernsey registered aircraft can be operated for hire and reward such as commercial revenue earning passenger carrying scheduled and charter flights (subject to the operator being granted an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) by Guernsey’s DCA.
  • Competitive registry and survey fees
  • No insurance premium tax in Guernsey
  • European time zone
  • Global network of experienced safety oversight inspectors and surveyors.
  • 2-REG Guernsey registration is valid internationally and documentation issued in English so widely understood.
  • 2-REG Guernsey registered aircraft do not have to ever physically visit Guernsey
  • Ability to obtain a Permit to Fly for one off flights rather than a full Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA)
  • The register provides proof of title and enables the owner to register a mortgage on the aircraft and its engines in Guernsey and on the International Register (IR) in accordance with the Caption Convention.
  • Guernsey is fiscally located outside the VAT territory of the EU making the register useful for non EU resident owners wanting to operate VAT free in Europe and who are eligible to do so under Temporary Admission (Temporary Importation) relief

2-REG Guernsey Aircraft Registration by Oceanskies

Oceanskies  is based on Guernsey and provides a complete Guernsey aircraft registration service to all aircraft owners and operators wishing to take advantage of the benefits afforded by the 2-REG Guernsey aircraft register.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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