Channel Islands Aircraft Registry : Guernsey & Jersey Aircraft Registration - A Guide

06 May 2013

This guide was originally written in May, 2013 when it was envisaged that the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey would create and launch an aircraft registry as a joint venture.

Jersey withdrew from the process in the autumn of 2013 and will launch its own aircraft registry during 2014 branded as the 'ZJ-' Jersey Aircraft Registry. For a pre launch guide to the Jersey Aircraft Registry please consult our online guide here:

Jersey Aircraft Registration (ZJ-) - A Guide

Guernsey launched its aircraft registry in December, 2013 branded as the '2-REG Channel Islands Aircraft Registry'. For a post launch guide to the Guernsey Aircraft Registry please consult our online guide here:

Guernsey Aircraft Registration (2-REG) - A Guide

Original text as to what might have been if the two islands could have found it within themselves to collaborate follows:

Oceanskies has prepared the following guide to the Channel Islands Aircraft Register and Channel Islands Aircraft Registration on Guernsey and Jersey.

The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry (CIAR) is due to launch in the autumn of 2013 and Oceanskies is welcoming enquiries from aircraft owners and their advisers who may have aircraft scheduled for delivery or acquisition later this year and who may be interested in taking advantage of being one of the first aircraft registered in the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

Full details of the Oceanskies Channel Islands aircraft registration package are contained within this guide which can, in some instances, include importation into the EU on a zero EU VAT and European duty basis.


The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry will be the principal registry for residents of the Channel Islands and has been established to provide a customer focused service for the registration of high quality private and corporate jets and high quality twin turbine-engine helicopters.

The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry cannot be used for commercial air transport.

Although the registry is a pan Channel Islands registry its centre of operations is in Guernsey where Oceanskies is based.

The safety standards that the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry will apply are on a par with the best of the world.

The register will accept aircraft based on European (EASA), US (FAA) or Canadian (Transport Canada) certification standards with only one airworthiness inspection.

Crew licensing and approval of maintenance organisations and certifying staff will largely be done on a validation basis.

The Channel Islands Aircraft Register will use the nationality mark ‘2′ followed by a four letter combination, offering unique registration mark combinations to its customers, i.e. 2-MANY, 2-MUCH.

Who can Register an Aircraft In the Channel Islands?

The eligibility criteria in terms of who may qualify for Channel Islands aircraft registration will be determined at the discretion of the Channel Islands Director of Civil Aviation. Although yet to be formally announced it is anticipated that the registry will be open at the very least to a person or company from any of the countries of the British Commonwealth, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

The Benefits of Channel Islands Aircraft Registration

The principal benefits of registering an aircraft in the Channel Islands are:-

  • High regulatory standards
  • High service levels
  • Neutral Nationality registration prefix ‘2-’
  • Registration marks can be recycled on different aircraft
  • The 2- followed by a four letter combination allows significant personalization of the registration markings
  • Competitive Scheme of Charges
  • No insurance premium tax (6% in UK)
  • European time zone
  • Guernsey and Jersey are on the OECD ‘white list’
  • Clear and simple taxation regime
  • Stable legal and political environment

  • The Channel Islands are outside the EU VAT territory

Oceanskies Channel Islands Aircraft Registration Services

Oceanskies is an independent dedicated yacht and aircraft registration consultancy based in Guernsey. One of its founding principals, Duncan Swanson, has a background of working in the airline and aviation industry before entering a career in wealth management specialising in yachting and aviation.

A keen supporter of the Isle of Man aircraft register even prior to its inception in 2007, Duncan has also contributed to the development of the aircraft register of Malta to increase its attractiveness to private and business aircraft as well as being involved in the development of the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry.

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