Marshall Islands Yacht Registration - A Guide

24 April 2013


  1. Ranked as 2rd Largest Registry Worldwide.
  2. White List Flag State: In Paris, Tokyo MOU and US Qualship 21.
  3. Private and Commercial Registration
  4. Private Limited Charter Registration (84 Day)

    1. Not applicable in EU waters.
    2. Enhanced Survey must be completed.
    3. Intermediate Step for owners seeking to explore commercial activity.

  5. Seated Members of:

    1. IMO:  International Maritime Organization.

i.     Actively involved in future Maritime Legislation and Conventions.

  1. ILO:  International Labour Organization.

i.     Second Country to Ratify in MLC 2006

ii.     Majority of Fleet already in Compliance.


  1. Network of 26 world wide offices with over 250 personnel for local support and logistics.

    1. Dedicated Team of Yachting Professionals.


  1. Ability to accept Yacht Owning Companies Registered in another jurisdiction.

    1. FME:  Foreign Maritime Entity.
    2. Owning Companies are able to be registered in Jurisdictions with V.A.T and Vessel Flagged in The Marshall Islands.

  2. Master 350 / 500 GT Mates License:
  3.  US Cruising Permit:

    1. Vessels Registered in The Marshall Islands, have ability to apply for a US Cruising Permit.

  4.  Different Categories of Persons Aboard

    1. Passengers
    2. Crew
    3. Guests
    4. Supernumerary

  5. Private Yachts able to have more than 12 Guests aboard.

    1. Provision of 110% LSA and each Guest and Crew Member having a Berth.
    2. Granted on a case by Case Basis.
    3. 12.  Ability to Register Non Classed Vessels. Less than 500 GT.

      1. Vessels are recommended to be in Class for benefit of the owner.

13. Surveyors:

  1. Appointed Representatives are utilised with an International Network of Surveyors.
  2. Ability to have only class issue Commercial Yacht DOC and Statutory Certificates.  (Cost effective)




  1. New Build:

    1. Flag State Surveyors are not present in the Shipyard during the Build Process. Class surveyor acts under the MOA with Flag to oversee the build.   Class interact with Flag as issues arise.
    2. Flag is present at the kick off meeting then defer to the Classification Society for the verification of Flag requirements.

  2. Major international Banks and Insurance companies are comfortable with The Marshall Islands Yacht Registry.

    1. Commercial Shipping is the majority of the Registry where transaction sizes are much larger.

  3. Officer Endorsements: for engineers The Marshall Islands calculate based on the Kilowatts for one Engine.


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25 March 2020 at 07:58

Here is a batch of Tonnage Plates for yachts we are registering with @RedEnsignGroup under British flag here @oceanskiesltd HQ awaiting courier despatch. These plastic strips are an important part of the yacht registration process #yachtregistration #yachtregistry pic.twitter.com/5xGR7f0Xo3


17 March 2020 at 07:43

A beautiful start to the day again here @Oceanskies in St. Peter Port Guernsey were we are pleased to welcome the latest @sunseeker_int Sunseeker 50 Predator #Guernsey @guernseyharbours @locateguernsey @vistguernsey #PositiveVibes pic.twitter.com/rajLtbGriM


16 March 2020 at 13:42

On this sunny Monday we are pleased to welcome this beautiful @Sunseeker_Intl 76 Yacht to @gsyharbours which is undergoing @RedEnsignGroup registration with Oceanskies - Anyone would think its Summer! #yachtregistration #yachtlife #Guernsey @LocateGuernsey #PositiveVibes pic.twitter.com/gy0sguWV5S


11 March 2020 at 16:55

Today we have been Northern France visiting an incredibly busy @Lagooncats factory near La Roche sur Yon for the tonnage survey of a newbuild Lagoon 46 sailing catamaran undergoing @RedEnsignGroup registration by Oceanskies #lagooncatamaran #yachtregistration #tonnagesurvey pic.twitter.com/rwmKAuzOvX


10 March 2020 at 17:21

Today Duncan has been in a sunny and warm Monaco for the tonnage survey of an @PrincessYachts Princess 82 undergoing red ensign registration by Oceanskies - we are a leading yacht registration agency working with the world’s best yacht registries #yachtregistration #tonnagesurvepic.twitter.com/PUl9Sy4L9a9a


04 March 2020 at 06:53

Very pleased to act as agents for the visit to @gsyharbours of a @Sunseeker_Intl 76 Yacht @PrincessYachts Y78 #Sunseeker #SunseekerYachts #SunseekerFamily #Princess #princessaroundtheworld #Princessyachts #Guernsey @VisitGuernsey pic.twitter.com/Y3Tk7X8paE