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What should you do if your UK or Jersey Yacht registration is expiring?

A UK or Jersey yacht registration does not last forever, it will expire. If you allow your registration to expire it could lead to legal, tax and operational issues and complications. It’s vital that you are aware of your expiration date and are always aware of when renewal is required. Oceanskies are experts in yacht registration and we’re here to give you the key information you need to know about the expiry of your UK or Jersey registration.

How long does a yacht registration last?

The UK MCA Part 1 registration has a 5-year lifespan. Whereas a Jersey registration will last for 10 years. If you originally registered your yacht with Oceanskies you will receive a reminder from our registration team 3-months prior to expiry to inform you that renewal is required.  


What does the renewal process entail?

The expiry of your registration document doesn’t mean you have to go through the whole registration process again so there is no need for you to obtain a new tonnage survey or start compiling your title documents. It is actually a relatively simple process that only requires you state your intent to renew and pay a fee. Here at Oceanskies we’re happy to help with any renewal request, regardless of if we provided an initial registration service or not.

You’re able to complete the renewal of your UK or Jersey registration from 3-months prior to the expiry date. A renewal form will be provided by the flag state and will ask for your name, the date and your signature. There is not much of an expected wait to receive your renewed UK or Jersey registration with a usual lead time of 2 – 5 working days.

There is a fee to renew your registration which is payable to the registry in the flag state when completing the form. We can take care of the whole process for you for a fixed fee:

  • The Oceanskies renewal fee for a UK yacht registration is £500.
  • The Oceanskies renewal fee for a Jersey yacht registration is £750.


What if you miss your expiry date?

Your registration will have a 12-month grace period after the expiry date in which you can still renew it. When your registration has been expired for more than 12-months without renewal the registration will automatically be closed. If you need to register the vessel again then it would be the same as any new registration and a new tonnage survey would be required.


Extra requirements to consider

If you have a local representative they must be notified when you apply for renewal of your registration as you will also need to renew your terms with them and pay them a fee.

A UK radio licence with OFCOM does not expire and will not ever require a renewal.

If your yacht is approaching its expiry date and you require assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Oceanskies yacht registration team who can help guide you through the renewal process.

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