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Oceanskies Champions Local Runner in 'Marathon des Sables' Challenge with Generous Donation

Oceanskies is proud to announce a generous donation of £1,000 to support James Le Gallez, an ultra-marathon enthusiast from Guernsey, as he prepares to tackle the '2024 Marathon des Sables - The Legendary'. Recognised as the world's toughest footrace, this formidable challenge covers a staggering 250km through the scorching dunes of the Moroccan Sahara.


Halfway through his rigorous 10-month training regime, James Le Gallez is not only pushing his physical limits but is also dedicated to raising crucial funds for three vital Channel Islands charities – Jersey Hospice Care, Autism Guernsey, and the Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief.


Duncan Swanson, Co-Founder & Director of Oceanskies, expressed his admiration for Le Gallez's ambitious endeavour, stating, "At Oceanskies, we believe in the indomitable spirit of those who aim to make a difference. James's commitment to both his personal goals and the betterment of our community is truly inspiring. Our pledge is a testament to our unwavering support for initiatives that echo our ethos of service and social responsibility."


Le Gallez, touched by the contribution, remarked, "The support from Oceanskies is absolutely phenomenal; it's a significant boost not just to our fundraising efforts, but also to my morale. To know that such a prominent company backs our local charities provides an immeasurable amount of encouragement. This donation fuels my determination to endure the gruelling sands and keep pushing forward in training."


The 'Marathon des Sables' is no mere race; it is a multi-stage adventure in one of the world's most inhospitable climates. Competitors must be self-sufficient, carrying all their own equipment and food for the week, testing their endurance to the extreme.


As James continues his intensive training, his story becomes a source of motivation and pride for the Channel Islands. The funds raised will offer much-needed support to the chosen charities, each of which plays a crucial role in enhancing the lives of many within the local community.


For more information on James Le Gallez's journey and to contribute to his cause, please visit https://givestar.io/gs/SXLX63Y

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