Jersey Yacht Registration – New Countries Added to Qualifying Owner List

In a very welcome development we are very pleased to advise that the Jersey British Registry of Ships here in the Channel Islands are now allowing companies and individuals from the following countries to be the direct owners of Jersey registered vessels in their own name: 

• Argentina 
• Aruba 
• Bahrain 
• Brazil 
• The Canary Islands 
• China, including Hong Kong 
• The Faroe Islands 
• Haiti
• Iceland
• Israel 
• Japan 
• Liberia
• Liechtenstein
• Madeira 
• The Marshall Islands 
• Monaco
• Norway
• Panama 
• South Korea 
• Switzerland 
• Suriname 
• The United Arab Emirates 
• The United States of America 

This means that companies incorporated in, or individuals holding passports from, these countries no longer have to set up a company in a British or Commonwealth jurisdiction to register in Jersey.
All that they need to qualify for Jersey registration is to appoint a Jersey representative person which is a service provided by Oceanskies 

As always companies and individuals from any British, EU or Commonwealth country can also register directly with the Jersey registry in their own names provided they appoint a Jersey representative person. 

Jersey remains our number one choice British flag registry for any yacht that is a private yacht or a commercial yacht under 399 GT.
We have a full guide to the benefits of Jersey yacht registration that can be found here on this website at the following link:
A Guide to Jersey Yacht Registration

Oceanskies are the single largest registration agent for the Jersey flag and we offer various fixed fee Jersey registration package for registration of any yacht. 

For example, for a yacht under 399GT lying in EU waters we charge a one-off fixed fee of GBP £2,500.00 which includes all registry fees and disbursements and provides the following: 

• A fast provisional registration valid for three months issued within two to three days on average 
• Permanent radio licence allocating call sign and MMSI issued at the same time as the provisional registration 
• Tonnage survey onboard vessel in EU including travel and survey society fees 
• Jersey representative person provided by Oceanskies for ten years 
• Final Certificate of British Registry valid for ten years issued once the registration process is complete
• Flag and tonnage plate 

The package is great value as there are no additional or annual costs to maintain the registration for the ten year life of the Certificate of British Registry and we believe the Jersey flag as a result probably offers the best balance of reputation and costs of any registry anywhere in the world. 

Please do not hesitate to contact for a free no obligation proposal for any of our Jersey yacht registration services or any general yacht registration query that you might have.


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