The End of the Delaware Flag

In 2013 we published a guide titled ‘Delaware Yacht & Vessel Registration – A Warning’

The guide highlighted that the use of the Delaware flag for international cruising purposes was flawed primarily because the Delaware registration was a state rather than federal registration intended only to be used for vessels principally kept in the State of Delaware.

The Delaware flag remained popular however in certain countries, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

Earlier this year the Delaware authorities announced that they would no longer be renewing the registration of any vessel for any owner who could not prove that their vessel was physically kept principally in the State of Delaware.

We have received a huge volume of enquiries from yacht owners wishing to re-register their vessels under the British flag with a United Kingdom (UK) Part I registration (i.e. with London, Poole, Southampton etc. as the port of registry).

We have already completed a large number of re-registrations from Delaware to the UK flag in recent weeks and are happy to assist any owners or agents who need to change flag.

We have a full guide to the benefits of UK yacht registration can be found on our website here on our website:

United Kingdom (UK) Yacht Registration - A Guide

With specific reference to the situation found by many owners of Delaware registered vessels the UK registration has certain specific advantages:

  • The UK flag is a non-European flag. A non-EU flag is important to have for any non-EU resident client sailing in EU waters under Temporary Admission;
  • The UK flag allows direct ownership by a Delaware company so no need for clients to set up a new company for the registration;
  • The UK flag allows copy documents rather than originals and is valid for five years once the vessel is registered; 
  • The UK flag is a proper international flag valid for world-wide cruising - (there is no need for any vessel holding a UK flag to visit the UK); and
  • The UK flag offers credibility, prestige and universal acceptance in contrast to many flags being offered as alternative options. 

 For any yacht owner holding a Delaware flag and therefore required to change the registration of their vessel we are pleased to offer a fully inclusive UK private yacht registration package.

 For a one off fixed fee of GBP £2,500.00  we include:

  • All premium rush UK registry fees
  • A fast provisional registration valid for three months
  • Provision of the final Certificate of British Registry valid for five years
  • Provision of lifetime radio licence allocating call sign and MMSI number
  • Red ensign flag and tonnage plate.

We have surveyors active in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East in countries such as Turkey and Egypt who are carrying out multiple tonnage surveys for UK registration purposes which we usually also include as part of our registration package fee. For further information about the tonnage survey please see our online guide here:

The Tonnage Survey - A Guide

 Our UK yacht registration package is great value as there are no additional or annual costs to maintain the registration for the five year life of the Certificate of British Registry and it is easy and cost effective to renew the registration for a further five years on expiry.

 For further information or to request a bespoke free no obligation proposal please do not hesitate to contact us.


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