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The Team

Oceanskies is an amazing team of nearly fifty individuals split between our offices in Guernsey, Malta and the UK

Ben Fallaize

Ben joined Oceanskies full-time in 2018.  Having been employed in the web-development industry for almost 20 years, he has a lot of experience in all aspects of development in the marketing industry.

Having worked with Oceanskies as a client, Ben was employed on a freelance basis to develop a new Cloud-based payroll and crew system for Oceanskies.  The system now forms the base IT system for the company, and integrates with various other systems, both internal and external.  Over the last 5 years, Ben has also written 3 mobile apps available in the Apple and Android app stores.

As part of a large young family, spare time is a rarity, but when time does allow, hobbies include all forms of cycling, fixing and tinkering with bikes and racing radio-controlled cars with the local club.


Telephone: +44 1481 711994

Email: [email protected]

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