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The Team

Oceanskies is an amazing team of nearly fifty individuals split between our offices in Guernsey, Malta and the UK

Joe De La Rue

Joe joined the Oceanskies crew in September 2021 to become a Payroll Administrator.

Joe has always been in to sports from a young age whether its on the slopes or on the court, he’s always been up for trying new things such as, motocross, snowboarding, shooting, surfing and bungie jumping.

After the working day you’ll most likely find Joe at the gym, which has been a massive part of his life since the age of 15. From the age of 18 Joe has always enjoyed a good night out with his mates, especially at a festival.

During the time Joe was at school he got given some amazing opportunities to travel around the world such as London, the Alps & Kenya. Kenya was one of Joes all time favourite trips in his life, he said it was a life changing experience getting to help people in a less fortunate environment, the trip widened his view by seeing all these different animals in a wildlife safari. Joe had a good laugh at times with his mates on the trip as well when there was time at the camp site where they would play football against the school kids. All these trips gave different perspectives, but all gave the same level of enjoyment & experience.


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