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The Team

Oceanskies is an amazing team of nearly fifty individuals split between our offices in Guernsey, Malta and the UK

Tom Ruff

Tom joined the Oceanskies team in 2020 after spending 6 years in the finance industry specialising in compliance and regulatory services.

As the manager of Yacht Registration team, Tom oversees day to day operations and consults with clients on their vessel registrations, acquisitions and operational matters. He also heads up Oceanskies’ Guernsey port agency and concierge services, assisting both yachts and superyachts with customs, export, bunkering and provisioning visits.

Tom is also an approved tonnage surveyor enabling him to carry out tonnage measurement surveys on any under 24-meter vessels requiring registration at any of the red-ensign registries. 

In his spare time, Tom loves to travel and get outdoors. He also fancies himself as a world class comedian, however his dad jokes often leave audiences more concerned over his welfare than in laughter.



Telephone: +44 1481 711994

Email: [email protected]

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